Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve is proud to announce its partnership with Operation Finally Home, a highly regarded charitable veterans’ foundation that designs and constructs custom homes for veterans in need. With this newfound relationship, Nationwide Coins is proud to contribute the necessary funds to help design and develop two permanent, custom-tailored homes for American war veterans by the end of 2019.



Operation Finally Home was established in 2005 as a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that has already had a significant impact across the country. Honoring those who have sacrificed and stood strong for our freedom, Operation Finally Home plans and develops custom-built, mortgage-free homes by bringing together corporate sponsors, builders’ associations, builders, remodelers, developers, individual contributors and volunteers with a singular vision—giving heroes a place to call home again. You can submit a personal donation online to contribute to this foundation.


To date, Operation Finally Home has constructed, or is currently constructing, over 250 home projects in 33 states for American heroes in need. With the hope of becoming a nationally recognized charity and a household name that inspires empathy, understanding, respect and patriotism, Operation Finally Home is determined to continue its mission and growth. This partnership and donation from Nationwide Coins will continue their expansion and impact.



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In 2018, Nationwide’s team donated the necessary funds for completing an entire veteran’s home project. Nationwide’s goal for 2019 is to increase its contribution to help build two homes for American heroes.