The holidays are a time when many people give gifts to the loved ones in their life to show their appreciation. Whether family, friends, or co-workers, you probably have a list of people you want to buy gifts for!

If you’re looking for a gift that will truly keep on giving, give the gift of bullion! Here are a few reasons why bullion is a great gift for the holidays.


Many people collect coins simply for the joy of collecting. Numismatic collectors enjoy the thrill of finding rare and often valuable coins. Giving the gift of bullion in the form of coins is a great way to inspire anyone to start their coin collection—whether 8 or 80!

Gold coins, especially, are a great place to get started for the novice numismatic collector. There are a variety of coins available at many different price points. More affordable coins are great for younger children or those just getting started in collecting, while rarer gold coins, such as those minted before 1933, are more valuable.

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Bullion has stood the test of time in terms of value. Gold, especially, has been known to greatly increase in value in the long term. When you buy gold now, you can expect it to be worth more in 10 years than it is today.

It’s a great gift for young children to ensure their financial future, whether for a college fund or just savings. Their parents can hold the bullion until they’re old enough to use it. Bullion is also a great gift for those nearing retirement, such as parents or grandparents, to supplement the income they’ll receive and provide a safehouse if the economy crashes. (Gold is known to increase in value when the stock market crashes.)

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If you have a lot of grandchildren, cousins, or friends, you might be looking for an easy gift to purchase in bulk and distribute to your loved ones. Gold and silver coins are valuable, thoughtful gifts that will certainly impress!

Buying the same item for everyone on your holiday list ensures there’s no jealousy or envy that someone got a seemingly better gift that someone else. Everyone gets the same great gift, and your shopping is done in a single click!

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There is a never-ending amount of precious metals bars and coins to choose from! Whether you’re looking for rare coins, easily tradable amounts, or valuable bars, Nationwide Coins has a wide variety of bullion to choose from.

You can get something different for everybody on your list. We’ve previously broken down which bullion products are best for your needs so you can easily find the coin or bar that will be enjoyed the most by your loved ones!

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