Several factors play a crucial role in making certain gold coins more valuable than others. To learn which aspects matter the most, note why they hold this prestigious status amongst other coins. For a gold coin to be considered highly valuable, its rarity, condition, grading, and in some cases, history must align to make it a piece that collectors and connoisseurs alike are willing to pay more for than other specimens. These factors contribute to the fact that the most valuable gold coins will not have a set price but will fall into a range based on these factors. 

The rarity, condition, grading, and history ultimately combine to determine what makes some gold coins more valuable than others. With these factors in mind, the question then becomes, which gold coins are the most valuable? Let’s take a look.


Among the most valuable gold coins, several Double Eagle specimens make the list. The $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Pre-1933, Liberty Double Eagle, and the 1933 Double Eagle are specific unique specimens, and both are incredibly valuable. 

One of the last gold coins ever struck was a 1933 Double Eagle. As of the summer of 2021, it holds the record for the most expensive coin ever sold at auction. It sold in June 2021 for nearly $19 million, and this was the second time in American history that this particular type of gold coin had set this record. The first occurred in 2002 when it was sold for just over $7.5 million. It is expected that this particular record will not be surpassed any time soon.

To further indicate the incredible nature of the value of these pieces, there have been several gold Double Eagles that have sold at auction for well beyond $1 million.


1795 Draped Bust $10 Gold Eagle coins are a prime example of where historic significance plays a critical role as a key contributor to a coin’s value. The Mint Act of 1792 helped legalize the production of $10 gold coins, resulting in Gold Eagles. With a low mintage number and the historic relevance of being of the initial gold coins sourced in American currency, these pieces are highly valuable.

With these attributes in mind, a 1795 Draped Bust $10 Gold Eagle with 13 featured leaves in its design sold at auction for more than $2.5 million.


Like the Gold Eagle, the 1822 Capped Bust Gold $5 Half Eagle holds a unique history that adds to its value. Although close to 18,000 pieces were initially minted, only three are known to remain in existence. Two are held at the Smithsonian, while the third Gold Half Eagle is a part of the private coin collection that belongs to the Pogue Family. 

In the early 1980s, the Pogue Family purchased their gold coin for $687,500. It is now estimated that this particular 1822 Capped Bust Gold $5 Half Eagle would sell at auction for anywhere from $5 million to $10 million.


Some additional honorable mentions of the most valuable gold coins include the 1870-S Indian Princess Head Gold $3, 1787 Brasher Doubloon, 1343 Edward III Florin, and several more. Each of these pieces’ highest sale at auction topped $6.5 million. Many of these valuable gold coins can be tremendously difficult to get your hands on. Others can be found by developing relationships with the right coin dealers. If you are considering adding a valuable gold coin to your portfolio or collection, there are several appealing options that conducting sufficient research may help you better understand.