Although each coin enthusiast and collector has a unique set of preferences, some coins are simply considered the best coins to own.

Because the list of potential coins that could fall into the category of the “best to own” is long, complex, and individualized, let’s consider the topic from an objective standpoint that puts profit potential at the forefront of what makes a coin the best.

When considering what coins are the best to own, the first place to start is by considering the best way to build a profitable portfolio. With this approach in mind, sometimes the best coins to own are those that provide rarity as well as diversification of precious metals and pieces to your collection. If profit potential is your ultimate goal in deciding on the best coins to add to your arsenal, consider the following options: 2000 MS-70 $10 Library of Congress bi-metallic coin, 2015 MS-70 $100 American Liberty High Relief, 2021 PF-70 $100 Freedom of Religion Platinum Eagle, and the 2021 MS-70 Type 1 Gold Eagles belonging to a 4-coin set.


Among the list of the best coins to own for diversification and profit potential purposes is the 2000 MS-70 $10 Library of Congress bi-metallic coin. This piece falls into the category deemed the best for its several appealing attributes and titles. These include its tremendously low mintage rate of just 7,261 specimens having been produced. In addition, it is ranked 26th on PCGS’s list of the topmost modern coins, and it is the only bi-metallic piece in United States coinage to contain the most precious of metals; platinum and gold.


The 2015 MS-70 $100 American Liberty High Relief coin appears on our list of the best coins to own for several key reasons. To begin, it has a low mintage of just 49,325 coins having been produced. It is one of the first gold coins to hold a $100 denomination in United States currency, and it is crafted of 24-karat gold. The piece was sculpted by Don Everhart, a former leader in sculpting and engraving for the United States Mint. 


Despite being a very recent issue, the 2021 PF-70 $100 Freedom of Religion Platinum Eagle makes our list already. The newest in the United States Mint design series for Proof American Platinum Eagles, this series intends to release a total of five coins with individual obverse designs and a consistent reverse. Its purpose is to highlight our First Amendment right as Americans, our Freedom of Religion.

This is a coin to consider adding to your portfolio because of its low mintage of just 15,000. It is the first edition of this new series, indicating that it has excellent potential to become a popular coin for collectors. Finally, similar to the 2015 MS-70 $100 American Liberty High Relief coins, it is sculpted by the well-known Don Everhart.


2021 MS-70 Type 1 Gold Eagles are some of the best coins to own for any collector and enthusiast. In general, each issue of Gold Eagles since its start in 1986 has recorded relatively low mintages, and much fewer specimens receiving the “perfect” grade of MS-70 from an independent grading service, making them excellent pieces to include in portfolios. 2021 MS-70 Type 1 Gold Eagles are particularly profitable when acquired in a set of four that provides for 2021 American Gold Eagle (1 oz), 2021 American Gold Eagle (1/2 oz), 2021 American Gold Eagle (1/4 oz), and 2021 American Gold Eagle (1/10 oz). A final element that makes this set among the best to own is that it is the last year issue of the Type 1 Gold Eagles, with a design change having just occurred to the Type 2 design. In other words, now is the best time to add these highly popular coins to your portfolio.


Arguably, the most common way to analyze the best coins to own might be to consider an individual portfolio’s profit potential and diversification. Some other general assessments are beneficial to consider in the discussion. These include the best coins to own when seeking to offset losses from a declining value of our paper dollar, as well as striving to remain prepared to barter using metals and bullion. 

In the first scenario, those looking to compensate for their investment portfolio’s losses caused by the declining value of the paper currency consider $50 Gold Eagles and Buffalos. These coins are among the best to own in this situation simply because one-ounce bullion carries a lower premium.

On the other hand, for the coin collector looking to remain prepared for metal barter, the best coins to own include 1964 JFK half dollars, Silver Walking Liberty halves, George Washington halves, and Franklin halves. What these coins have in common is their high silver content and relatively low premiums. They serve as an intriguing alternative to Silver Eagles, because the premiums paid for that series of coins are relatively high. These pieces enable a coin collector to acquire silver coins at a price that is much closer to the spot price while still diversifying their portfolios with a safe precious metal. 

In addition, each of these coins holds a numismatic value that allows them to be sold at a higher premium if they are in a high-quality condition at the time of sale.


In any case, the best coins to own provide a collector with profit potential and diversification. This, however, is true when one holds a mindset that relates profitability as the general standard that defines “best.” 

As coin collectors and enthusiasts know, it is an enjoyable hobby that holds more weight than profit. Many collectors enter the coin world for the excitement of acquiring a long-desired piece, learning the generally unknown history of an old and rare coin, and uncovering the purpose and intention behind a specific design or series. 

Even though coin collecting is about more than profit potential, even when viewed from the lens of the enjoyment behind the hobby, most enthusiasts are looking to create a unique collection that’s historically diverse, has at least some lasting value, and reflects their interests.