From condition to rarity, different gold coins vary in value based on a number of reasons. Whether you’re simply a collector or interested in rounding out your portfolio due to the ever present potential for economic uncertainty, there are gold coin options for everyone. Learn more about some of the most valuable gold coins out in the world, including some that are available at Nationwide.


Generally speaking, pre-1933 gold coins tend to hold the most value, including our $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Pre-1933. One reason that this particular coin is so valued by collectors is simply for its sheer beauty. CoinTrackers’ estimate of this coin’s value ranges from $270,000 to a whopping $1,200,000 for a coin in perfect condition. 


Another hugely valuable coin in the Nationwide arsenal is the Pre-1933 $20 Liberty Double Eagle. The batch minted at the New Orleans Mint in 1856 is particularly valuable due to the manner of pressing, creating especially eye-catching details. This pattern was originally struck in 1849 and used in commerce from 1850-1907 until it was replaced by the Saint-Gaudens double eagle in 1907. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt pulled gold coins from public circulation in 1933, millions of Double Eagles were melted, making the remaining existing coins some of the most valuable to add to your collection or portfolio. 


According to Mental Floss, the most valuable gold coin sold in recent years was a 1933 Double eagle to the tune of $7.6 million. This is due to an extraordinary quirk: this coin was pressed but never released to the public. As you’ll recall, it was this year that President Franklin D. Roosevelt halted the use of gold as commerce in an attempt to put a stop to the banking crisis. Nevertheless, twenty of these Double Eagles somehow managed to survive, making them extremely valuable gold coins indeed!


On CoinTrackers’ list of the most valuable gold coins, the 1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle sits right at the top with an estimated average value of $70,000. This was the final year that these particular coins were minted, and most of them were melted down due to the gold ban put in place by FDR. 


The $10 Gold Indian Head is one of the most valuable gold coins out there. It was continuously produced from 1907-1916, and then irregularly until 1933. According to CoinTrackers, this coin, in average condition, is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000. A $10 Indian Gold Head in mint condition can fetch as much as $600,000 at auction. Making this good-looking coin even more desirable is the classic design on the obverse and reverse sides by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who tragically died before these coins were ever released.

Whether contemplating which gold coins are the most valuable investment to protect your financial future or simply which are the best to add to your gold coin collection, consider these choices. Adding these coins or any of our bullion gold options to your portfolio or collection would be a great asset. As always, if you have any questions, our experts are available to help you find the gold or silver that best meets your needs.