Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin: History and Value of the Presidential Coin

The Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin was introduced as part of the Presidential $1 Coin Program, initiated to honor former U.S. Presidents. The program, established under the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, intended to celebrate and educate citizens about the rich heritage and contributions of past leaders. 

Design of Franklin Pierce Dollar 

The design of the Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin is a remarkable work of art that pays great attention to the details. On the front side, there's a lifelike portrait of Franklin Pierce, capturing his image with precision and care. This serves as a tribute to his role in American history. On the flip side, you'll find a beautifully rendered image of the Statue of Liberty, an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy in the United States. This representation vividly encapsulates the deeply ingrained American values of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's a coin that not only carries historical significance but also visually represents the core principles that the United States was built upon. 

Franklin Pierce: A Glimpse into History 

Political Legacy 

Franklin Pierce, a Democrat from New Hampshire, became president in 1853. His time in office was characterized by a series of turbulent events, most notably the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the resulting debates over slavery. Despite his attempts to address the complex political issues of the time, his presidency was met with substantial criticism and controversy. 

Personal Life and Influence 

Besides his involvement in politics, Pierce experienced significant personal tragedy, such as the death of his son in a devastating train accident shortly before he became president. These challenging personal experiences added a touching human aspect to his time in office, influencing how people saw him and how history remembers his presidency. 

Numismatic Significance and Value 

The Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin, similar to other presidential coins, is valued both for its historical significance and as a collectible item. Its limited production and association with a particular period in American history make it appealing to both coin enthusiasts and collectors. The worth of these coins can vary depending on factors like how rare they are, their condition, and the historical context they represent. 


For coin collectors, acquiring the Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin represents an opportunity to own a piece of history, adding a unique touch to their collections. With a keen understanding of numismatic trends and market dynamics, collectors often regard these coins as an investment, anticipating potential appreciation over time. 

Best Practices for Preservation 

For collectors and enthusiasts, it is essential to protect the Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin to maintain its quality and value. This can be done by storing it in a safe place, avoiding touching it directly, and using special holders to keep it safe from damage and deterioration in the long run. 


The Franklin Pierce Dollar Coin is a reminder of an important period in American history, representing the core of a nation shaped by its leaders and their lasting impacts. Its value goes beyond just its monetary value; it holds a special place in history and culture, making it a significant part of American coin history.