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Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin: History and Value of the Presidential Coin

Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin: History and Value of the Presidential Coin


The Andrew Jackson Coin holds a significant place in numismatic history as part of the Presidential Dollar Coin Program. Launched in 2007, this program aimed to honor each U.S. President with a series of circulating coins. Andrew Jackson the seventh President of the United States, was among the many leaders commemorated through this initiative. The program spanned a decade, concluding in 2016, with each year featuring a set of four presidents in the order they served. 

Life and Achievements of Andrew Jackson  

Andrew Jackson, a towering figure in American history, rose from humble beginnings to become the seventh president of the United States. Born in 1767, Jackson's military prowess and leadership during the War of 1812, particularly the Battle of New Orleans, propelled him to national prominence. His presidency (1829-1837) was marked by significant developments, including the expansion of suffrage and the controversial Indian Removal Act.  

Jackson's impact on American history extends beyond his military and political achievements. Often referred to as the "People's President," his presidency marked a shift toward a more democratic government, challenging established norms and setting the stage for future political developments. 

While Jackson has been honored in various ways throughout history, the issuance of a dollar coin is a unique and lasting tribute.  

Design and Features of Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin 

The obverse side of the Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin features a detailed and lifelike portrait of the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. The design captures his distinctive features, including his signature windswept hair and stern expression.  

The reverse side of the coin showcases the iconic image of the Statue of Liberty. The majestic figure is depicted in a dynamic pose, holding the torch of freedom high, and is surrounded by rays of light. This design pays homage to the broader theme used on all presidential dollar coins, where the Statue of Liberty serves as a symbol of the enduring principles of liberty and democracy that are foundational to the United States.   

Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin Value 

Andrew Jackson dollar coins in circulated condition hold a face value of $1.00. However, their market value appreciates significantly when in uncirculated condition. A proof Andrew Jackson dollar coin can command a higher worth, approximately reflecting its rarity and pristine state. Collectors and numismatists often seek out these well-preserved specimens, and their value can increase over time, making them a potentially valuable addition to a coin collection. 


In the intricate intersection of art, history, and finance, the Andrew Jackson Dollar Coin along with other Presidential dollar coins emerge as a tangible link to the past. By preserving and honoring historical legacies through currency, we enrich our understanding of the forces that shaped the nation and the individuals who left an indelible mark on its course. 

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