Any coin connoisseur likely has heard of Mercury Dimes. However, not all understand their complex history and the story behind their fandom and value. Because Mercury Dimes are a solid addition to any collectors’ precious metals portfolio, it’s beneficial to learn the silver coin’s history.

Mercury Dimes are some of the most iconic coins in the history of the United States Mint, with popularity attributed to the influential artist behind its design, Adolph Weinman. Weinman is widely remembered for his thought-provoking, popular design on this particular coin. His art for the Mercury Dime was also honored in a 2016 Centennial Edition dime with a limited edition release of 125,000.

Weinman’s Mercury Dimes design was minted from 1916 to 1945, spanning some of the most monumental times in American history. Mercury Dimes were frequently and falsely believed to have depicted the Roman God Mercury, the God of wealth and good fortune. Although an inaccurate interpretation, this misconception initially sparked the longstanding title, “Mercury Dimes.” The true intention behind Weinman’s design was to depict Lady Liberty in her winged cap, representing the Liberty of Thought

The beautiful design and interesting history behind Mercury Dimes initiated its immediate, long-term popularity with the American public; and thus, played a role in why these silver coins remain valuable to this day. This popularity with the general public led the U.S. Mint to maintain the dimes as a permanent specimen to remain in currency circulation. However, in 1945, the year Mercury Dimes minting permanence came to an end. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s sudden death early in his fourth term seemed to require a commemoration. As a highly respected and adored national leader, Mercury Dimes gave way for the permanently minted United States dime with the Roosevelt profile to honor and pay respect to this storied man in American history. The Roosevelt Dime remains permanently minted today.

Because of this incredible history and Weinman’s artistic mastery, Mercury Dimes are a worthy addition to your precious metals portfolio. These Dimes come in a price range accessible to virtually any budget. With silver being such a valuable asset, now is the time to take advantage of Mercury Dime prices to diversify your portfolio. 


In addition to being the precious metal behind Mercury Dimes, silver is essential to the American economy as a vital metal for several critical global industries. Silver falls just behind gold in terms of commodity investments. Silver can be found in commodities from jewelry to solar panels to circuit boards. While not as rare as gold, most silver new to the market has been mined unintentionally through searches for other metals. After being mined, silver is subjected to extraction and refinement processes before shipping out to industry.

Silver is a valuable commodity that currently cannot be mined more aggressively to meet demand. Now is the time to add silver, such as Mercury Dimes, to your precious metals portfolio. While silver is currently inexpensive, if held strategically, it could benefit owners in the long term. 

Is now the time to get to Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve and secure a safe, smart, and affordable purchase of silver Mercury Dimes? Of course!