Are Coins with No Mint Marks Valuable?

When a coin has no mint mark, can it still hold value? The short answer is sometimes. Certain coins without mint marks are extremely valuable, but it’s essential to watch out for the coins that were altered or damaged by someone outside the mint. 

Here are several rare coins without mint marks that hold a much higher value than the original minted face value. 

1922 no-D Lincoln Penny 

All 1922 Lincoln pennies were struck in Denver, so they should all have a D mint mark. With a mintage of about 7 million, these pennies in their intended form aren’t scarce, but a small percentage of these coins show no trace of a D mint mark. 1922 pennies without the D mint mark are plain cents or plain pennies.

An uncirculated 1922 plain penny with a high grade can be worth $12,000 or more.

1968 no-S Roosevelt proof dime 

Another extremely valuable coin with no mint mark is the 1968 no-S Roosevelt proof dime. It is the first proof coin accidentally struck without the S mint mark. These coins are valuable because they are very rare; only a few dozen exist. 

This coin’s error occurred when the US Mint “left the mint mark off the die when it was prepared in Philadelphia before shipment to San Francisco.” Because there are so few of these coins, it’s probable that the San Francisco Mint caught the mistake reasonably early. 

The 1968 no-S dime is typically worth between $15,000 and $25,000.

1971 no-S Jefferson proof nickel 

The 1971 no-S Jefferson proof nickel is another valuable coin with no mint mark. These coins were only minted in San Francisco, but the rare no-S variety were struck without the mint mark. Only 200 no-S proof nickels are known to exist. This is the only coin in the entire Jefferson Nickel collection that was struck without a mint mark. 

The 1971 no-S Jefferson proof nickels in the best condition are worth about $1,100

1975 no-S Roosevelt proof dime 

Another valuable and rare coin without a mint mark is the 1975 no-S Roosevelt proof dime. There are only two of these dimes known to exist. The first was discovered in a 1975-S proof set in 1977, and the second was found seven years later.

The rarity of these coins might be explained in two possible ways: the Mint discovered the error early enough that only two were struck or the coins were deliberately made. 

One of these scarce coins once traded for $300,000.

1983 no-S Roosevelt proof dime 

The 1983 no-S Roosevelt proof dime is the last in the Roosevelt series to be struck without a mint mark, though the exact number made is unknown. Experts estimate that there are only around 3,000 of these coins in existence. 

The 1983 no-S Roosevelt proof dimes are worth about $1,000.

The Bottom Line

As with any rare coin, it’s essential to ensure that your valuable coins with no mint mark are professionally graded, so you aren’t buying or selling a fake or purposefully damaged coin. Consider Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve an expert advisor as you build your collection of valuable coins, precious metals, and other forms of currency.

Prices stated in this article are subjective and not intended to project actual value. All coin prices are dependent on several factors including and notwithstanding, condition, demand and availability. Contact us today to learn more.