Which Quarters are the Most Valuable?

While there are many valuable quarters to add to your collection, there are a few that top them all. From Mint mistakes to extremely low mintages, there are a variety of reasons that these quarters are the most valuable. Keep reading to learn more about the most valuable quarters.

#1 – 1796 Draped Bust Quarter – $1,740,000

1796 Draped Bust Quarter

The 1796 draped bust quarter was the first quarter struck in the U.S. It is also the only U.S. quarter struck in the 18th century. This rare coin has a mintage of only 6,146 coins. Experts estimate that fewer than 700 of these first quarters still exist today. The 1796 Draped Bust quarter that is the most valuable is in unusually excellent condition for a coin this old. This quarter’s fine details have been well preserved and protected for over 200 years, making it one of the most valuable quarters in US history.

#2 – 1827/3/2 Proof Capped Bust Quarter – Overdate – Original – $705,000

1827/3/2 Proof Capped Bust Quarter

All 1827 Capped Bust Quarter are what numismatists call “overdates.” This means that the numeral seven was punched over the three that ended the date 1823. This overdate occurred because the Philadelphia mint used the original die for the 1823 quarters to strike the 1827 quarters. Only 12 of these quarters are known to exist. 

#3 – 1901-S Barber Quarter – $550,000

1901-S Barber Quarter

The 1901-S Barber Quarter is one of the most valuable quarters in the regular Barber series. This quarter has one of the lowest mintages for the entire series. Most of these quarters that have survived today are relatively low grades, but even in the lowest grades, they are worth thousands of dollars due to rarity. 

#4 – 1839 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter – No Drapery – $517,500

1839 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter

The 1839 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter is one of the rarest in this series of quarters. The lack of ornamental drapery under Lady Liberty’s left arm makes this quarter one of the most rare. These coins with the no drapery design were only minted for three years, and there are only two Proofs known to exist for this entire series type. 

#5 – 1873-CC Liberty Seated Quarter – No Arrows – $470,000

1873-CC Liberty Seated Quarter

In 1873, the Carson City Mint struck over a million Liberty Seated Quarters. Every one of these quarters had arrowheads in their design except for five. These No Arrows quarters are the rarest of the Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar series. They’re in mint condition.

#6 – 1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter – $460,000

1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter

The 1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter is extremely rare. Only three of these Proof quarters are known to exist. This is because, in 1850, collectors requested more quarters to be struck. The US Mint honored that request with the creation of the Proof Liberty Seated Quarter, but they only made about three of these quarters that year. Beyond their extreme rarity, these quarters are valuable because they are nearly flawless and hold a PR-68 grade.

**Prices stated in this article are subjective and not intended to project actual value. All coin prices are dependent on several factors including and notwithstanding, condition, demand and availability, just to mention a few.