What Seated Liberty Dollars Are and Their History

Seated Liberty Dollar, Source Wikipedia

The Seated Liberty dollar dates back to the 1800s era. Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the United States Mint struck the coin from 1840 to 1873. This was the last silver coin of its kind to be struck before the Coinage Act of 1873 was passed, which ended production of the silver dollar. 

The Seated Liberty’s obverse and reverse is based on the Gobrecht dollar and was minted from 1836 – 1839. While the Seated Liberty dollar’s production lasted for over 30 years, collectors often look for silver coins in excellent condition. However, finding one in good condition may be difficult since these coins have been in circulation for more than 100 years.

Gobrecht dollar, Source Wikipedia

Seated Liberty Dollar Value

As a collector, you may be curious about the value of the Seated Liberty dollar. The value of the coin dollar varies depending on its physical condition and other factors. 

For starters, the coin’s condition will influence its value. If you find the Seated Liberty dollar in mint condition, you should expect to receive somewhere between $100 – $2000. While the coin is more than 100 years old, collectors are usually interested in the coin’s condition. The better the coin’s condition, especially if uncirculated, the more a collector is likely to receive when selling it.

However, there are instances where a buyer can find that the Seated Liberty dollar goes for about $100-$200. This generally happens when the coin’s condition is merely good because of heavy circulation. So, even in the least-preserved condition, the value of the Seated Liberty dollar will be more than $100. 

The Rarest Seated Liberty Dollar Value

Most collectors are interested in the Seated Liberty Dollars that were produced the earliest. Therefore, the most sought-after coins were those made in the early 1840s. These coins have existed for over 180 years and tend to fetch generous sale prices in coin markets.

Besides the age of the Seated Liberty coins, collectors might pay more for coins that have been kept in excellent or uncirculated condition. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a Seated Liberty dollar without physical wear and tear after nearly two centuries. The coins’ age makes finding one in excellent or uncirculated condition quite tricky. Early-production coins that have been kept in near-uncirculated condition can often fetch up to $2000. 


The Seated Liberty Dollar coins are iconic pieces of American history. Apart from their inherent value as silver, they carry historical value as relics that pre-date the civil war and the existence of many parts of the USA. This coin is only likely to continue to increase in value as more of the present slips into the halls of history. 

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