The Treasure Hunter Reveals His Identity

The man who in June uncovered a golden treasure chest hidden by arts and antiquities dealer Forest Fenn has come forward to reveal his identity. He is Jack Stuef, 32, a medical student from Michigan who says he had spent two years hunting for the chest filled with gold and jewels. Fenn set off a hunt for his treasure a decade ago when, after hiding it in the Rocky Mountains, wrote a poem offering hints about the treasure’s location in a self-published memoir. Fenn was 90 years when he died in September.

Get in on the gold rush.

Stuef said he had remained anonymous, hoping to avoid harassment from any of the many thousands of people who had become obsessed with the Fenn treasure hunt. One of them sued Fenn two days after the treasure chest’s discovery. A federal judge overseeing the lawsuit ruled that Stuef would have to reveal his identity to the plaintiff. So, he decided to go public.

Source: Jack Stuef

One mystery remains. Where exactly did Fenn hide his treasure? Beyond saying that it was located in Wyoming, Stuef is not talking. “If I were to reveal where the treasure was, the natural wonder of place that Forrest held so dear will be destroyed by people seeking treasure they hope I dropped on my way out or Forrest on his way in,” Stuef wrote in an online post. “It is not an appropriate place to become a tourist attraction,” he added.

Fenn had estimated the value of the chest at $2 million. For all the effort he expended finding the treasure chest, Stuef is not sentimental about it. He says he plans to sell the contents, in part, to pay off his student loans.

Get in on the gold rush.