How to Sell Gold Bullion and Coins

If you’re thinking about how to sell gold bullion and coins, you’re probably in need of fast cash. You would be in luck, as one of gold’s greatest attributes is its liquidity. Gold bullion and coins can be sold all over the world. They are widely accepted and the Gold American Eagle, Nationwide Coins’ most popular item, is now the most popular and recognized gold coin in the world.

If you are interested in how to sell gold bullion and coins, please call us for a quote. With customers all over North America and Europe, Nationwide Coins is typically able to offer a much higher premium for your precious metals and rare coins.

Before you sell your gold bullion or coins to anyone, the most important thing to do first is research. You wouldn’t buy gold bullion and coins without putting in some investigative work first; the same applies for how to sell your gold bullion and coins.

Who to Sell Your Gold Bullion and Coins To

First things first: jewelry stores, pawn shops, and other local options may be your clearest path to turning your gold into fiat currency, but they also certainly will not be able to offer its full value.

You should also avoid dealing with strangers or lone individuals; it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to trusting people you’ve never met before around your precious metals and rare coins.

This is why dealing with a major online bullion dealer who has a proven track record, such as Nationwide Coins, is your best bet. A good dealer will have a standard process that includes getting a deposit beforehand and reserving the right to reject or approve upon inspection. You ship your gold out, get the quote, and receive fiat currency in the standard amount of time depending on how you choose to transfer it.

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This method obviously takes a little more time, but it is likely to yield a higher premium on your gold bullion and coins! If you’re Internet-savvy you might also try to sell them online yourself, such as on eBay, but this will also probably take time, and on top of that, you’ll be dealing with a stranger who hasn’t earned your trust.

How to Ship Your Gold Out For Inspection

The most important recommendation for how to sell your gold bullion and coins to an online dealer is to use USPS Registered Mail when you ship it off to inspection. Up to $25,000.00 of insurance per Registered Mail parcel is available, which FedEx or UPS don’t offer for precious metals.

Post office employees don’t know your business so they may attempt to save you money by suggesting that you ship by the cheaper Insured Mail. Don’t do this. For some reason, USPS has a clause in their policy that states they do not honor insurance for lost precious metals unless Registered Mail is the method of shipment. Enjoy peace of mind when shipping your gold bullion, coins, and precious metals by USPS Registered Mail.

Extra Shipping Tips for How to Sell Your Gold Bullion and Coins

  • Double-box your gold when packing it. Double-boxed packaging helps prevent unwanted tampering or accidental breaking open if dropped.
  • Keep the shipment quiet by wrapping the gold bars or coins with newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Do not identify the shipment in words on the outside of the package! Use codes or abbreviations that don’t readily identify gold or coins.

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