How to Find Reputable Gold Sellers

From investment purposes to forms of financial insurance, there are many reasons why someone would want to purchase gold. But in this industry, shady people have no problem playing on fear and using scare tactics to try to get a quick buck. Keep these basic points in mind when looking for a reputable gold bullion seller to avoid getting scammed. 

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1. Reputable gold sellers won’t cold call you. 

A reputable gold seller doesn’t need to hunt for sales with cold calls. If you receive a phone call from someone who is trying to sell you gold, hang up the phone. 

2. Reputable gold sellers don’t bait and switch. 

A reputable gold seller such as Nationwide Coin will not, and doesn’t engage in any alleged bait and switch tactics. All advertised products are in stock, and you will receive exactly what you order. If you have any issues, a customer service representative will happily work with you to resolve them. 

3. Reputable gold sellers work with well-known resources & organizations.

If the seller has no certifications and won’t tell you where their coins come from or who they’ve worked with in the past, they probably can’t be trusted. Nationwide Coins, for example, sells coins produced by The United States Mint from the U.S. Government, bonds its employees by Merchants Bonding Company, and is a proud member of the Business-Consumer Alliance.

4. Reputable gold sellers have an informed staff that can answer any questions you need. 

A reputable seller won’t just be one person operating out of their basement, or approaching you on the street. A trusted company like Nationwide Coin has a full staff composed of precious metals consultants, rarities consultants, numismatic experts, economists, and trend analysts who are experts in the field. Not only that, but Nationwide Coin also created a Compliance Department, which provides ongoing education and training to the sales staff and other employees. Our Compliance Director, Donald Fogo, is always available through email or on the telephone to address consumer concerns. Such availability to the public is always a good sign. 

5. Reputable gold sellers will never make promises about precious metals going up or down in value.

The truth is that the market can go up or down without warning. Not even the most expert of all experts can predict, with full accuracy, the future price of gold, silver, or other precious metals. Anyone who makes claims about value is just trying to make a sale and doesn’t have your best interests in mind. 

Whether you’re seeking additional investments to diversify your portfolio further or taking the plunge into gold as a safety net in an unstable economic climate, it’s important to know how to find reputable gold sellers. If you’re thinking about introducing gold or silver into your financial future, explore our selection of bullion gold options. Our experts are on standby to answer any questions or to help you find the precious metals product that best fit your needs.  

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