Complete Guide to Every Gold Coin: Which Should You Add to Your Portfolio

When it comes to investing in coins, there are literally thousands of options to choose from! It can be a bit overwhelming at times. Luckily, because there are so many options, anyone can start coin collecting at any price point!

Gold coins, especially, are commonly collected by numismatic novices and experts. There are exceedingly rare gold coins that are extremely valuable, and then there are more common coins that are collected for their beautiful designs or exquisite condition.

Add valuable gold coins to your portfolio.

We’ve compiled this guide to (almost) every gold coin, and advise which you should add to your portfolio!

$20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Pre-1933

This coin is consistently valuable, since it was minted before many gold coins were destroyed in 1933. Its beautiful design features Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse, two representations of America.

The value of the Double Eagle lies in its rarity and condition, as well as where the coin was minted. Editions of this coin were minted in San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia. Coins minted in Philadelphia do not feature a mintmark.

Chinese Gold Panda

Chinese Gold Panda coins are the country of China’s official coin for bullion investments, the purpose for which it was created. These beautiful gold coins showcase designs that mirror the spirit of the country.

Each year, a new design is debuted—the reverse always features a panda, which is an animal often associated with China. The obverse is of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, a beautiful and historical landmark of the country. Many collectors seek out to collect one coin from each year!

$5 Gold American Eagles

These coins make a great entry-level addition to your gold coin collection! They’re sold at a lower price point because of their small size (they’re about the size of a US dime), but their design is unrivaled and has won numerous awards!

If you’re investing in a precious metals IRA, this Gold American Eagle is eligible to be included and will be a great start to a hopefully lucrative investment!

$2.5 Indian Head Quarter Eagles

Like most gold coins minted before 1933, these gold coins are in low supply, adding to their value. In addition, Indian Head Quarter Eagles are especially unique because the features of the coin are incused, meaning the design is indented into the coin rather than raised.

Your investment portfolio will be greatly improved by adding a few Indian Head Quarter Eagles to your gold coin collection.

Gold Britannias

Britain created Gold Britannias as their gold bullion coin made especially for investing. It has been minted every year since 1987, and has become a popular coin for investors on both sides of the pond.

The reverse of this coin features the personification of Britain, known as Britannia. On the current gold coin’s reverse, she is pictured as a powerful woman wielding a trident in one hand and an olive branch and shield in the other. The obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, currently the monarch who has reigned the longest.

1 Oz. Gold Buffalos

American Gold Buffalo coins are the first 24-karat gold coins ever made by the US Mint! Because they’re made of 0.9999 fine gold, they’re some of the purest coins in the world.

The obverse features a side profile of a Native American chief, and the reverse contains an American buffalo. Both images are inspired by the culture of the West in America, making it the perfect collector’s item for the proud American!

2018 American Liberty Gold 1/10th Oz.

Packed in a beautiful satin-lined presentation case, each American Liberty Gold coin includes a certificate of authenticity. You’re guaranteed to receive an official gold coin that is well worth its initial cost!

Liberty graces the obverse of this coin, inspired by an African American woman. The reverse features a bald eagle in flight. Both sides inspire an image of freedom and the American spirit!

South African Gold Krugerrand

The Gold Krugerrand is often known as the original gold bullion investment coin, as it was one of the first gold coins that was popularized for investing!

Unlike the Chinese Gold Panda, whose design changes nearly every year, the images on the South African Gold Krugerrand have only been updated once in 1984. The obverse always features Paul Kruger, a former president of South Africa, and the namesake for the coin. The reverse a Springbok antelope, the national animal of the Republic of South Africa.

$10 Gold Indian Head

Similar to Indian Head Quarter Eagles, $10 Gold Indian Head coins are rare because many were melted by the government in 1933, even though these coins were minted irregularly from 1907 until then.

Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the obverse features an image of Lady Liberty wearing a Native American feather headdress, making the name of this coin a bit of a misnomer as there is not an actual Native American on the coin. The reverse, also designed by Saint-Gaudens, once again features a bald eagle, this time standing instead of in flight.

$20 Liberty Double Eagle Pre-1933

Also known as the Coronet Double Eagle, the Liberty Double Eagle was minted before 1933, and was designed by James B. Longacre. The iconic profile of Lady Liberty graces the obverse, and an eagle with spread wings appears on the reverse.

This coin was only minted until 1907, when it was replaced by the Double Eagle designed by Saint-Gaudens. Many of these coins were also melted by the government in 1933, but some of them were still being used in overseas transactions. Many of those coins that were still in circulation have now returned to the United States to be included in coin collections.

Canadian Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian Mint produces Maple Leaf coins for the purpose of investing. Because of this, Maple Leaf coins are eligible for a precious metals IRA. New coins are produced each year, so you can collect coins with different dates, and new coins can be purchased for a relatively low cost.

These gold coins feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse and a maple leaf on the reverse, both of which are representative of Canada! Canadian Maple Leaf coins are a great entry coin to buy if you’re just starting your gold portfolio.

Add valuable gold coins to your portfolio.