What are the Best Coins to Own in 2022?

If you are new to the world of coin collecting, it can be difficult to decide which coins to buy and collect. Here, we break down the best coins to own in 2022.

The Best Gold Coins to Own

1908 St. Gaudens Roman Numerals No Motto

The Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin is considered one of the most beautiful coins ever minted in the United States. The US Mint first produced the Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin in 1907 though the first batch of these coins was made in such high relief that they were too difficult to strike correctly. The Mint reduced the relief for the 1908 issue. Like the 1907 issue, this particular coin does not feature the “IN GOD WE TRUST” motto that was added to the design later in 1908. This beautiful coin is available at a modest price for a gold coin, and it will add interest and history to any collection.

The American Gold Eagle Coin

The $50 American Gold Eagle coin is another fantastic choice for any collector. It has a rich history and features one of the nation’s most iconic symbols. It was first released in 1986. The obverse side features Saint-Gaudens’ Augustus Lady Liberty design. 

The Best Silver Coins to Own

1921 Peace Silver Dollar

The 1921 Peace Silver Dollar is an excellent choice for collectors. This coin commemorates the time of peace that followed the first world war. While this coin is relatively rare, a beginner can easily buy circulated coins for a modest amount. 

1878-CC Morgan Silver Dollars

In 1878, the US government passed the Bland-Allison Act, which mandated the purchase of large amounts of silver to be turned into silver dollars. The Morgan Silver Dollar was named for the engraver, George T. Morgan, who created the coin’s initial design. These coins were minted in Carson City. While the 1878 issue is not a key date, nor is it considered a rare date, these early coins will add character to any collection. 

Silver Washington Quarters

1932-D Washington silver quarters

The Silver Washington Quarter was the first circulating commemorative coin struck by the US Mint. In 1931, the US Treasury decided that a new half-dollar coin should commemorate George Washington’s birth bicentennial. Then, in March 1931, Congress decided that they should commemorate Washington’s birth with the quarter dollar instead of the half dollar. 

The first quarters in this series were struck in 1932. Although this coin was only supposed to be a “one-year circulating commemorative coin, the mint still uses the Washington design for the quarter dollar today.” So if you are looking to collect a Washington quarter, we recommend the 1932-D quarter because it is one of the rarest and will likely appreciate better than other issues. 

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