5+ Gifts For Coin Collectors

The holidays are just around the corner, and many have already started making their lists. Coins are a tasteful gift for nearly any close friend or family member, regardless of their interest level in coins and numismatism. Coins are a novelty but can also be very valuable. Additionally, unlike other gifts like electronics or clothing, each coin is unique, with its own unique story. Whether you’re a coin collector or want to help someone start collecting coins, here’s our list of the best gifts for coin collectors.

1 Ounce American Silver Eagle

The One Ounce American Silver Eagle is a staple of any coin collection and one of the most beautiful coins created by the US mint. The obverse side of the coin features an intricately carved lady liberty in a victorious pose with a flowing robe around her. This is a great starter coin and is also a welcome addition to any coin collection that already exists; a collector can never have too many Silver Eagles. These coins are made of .999 silver and are valuable for both their silver content, their dollar value, and their beauty. 

US Mint Proof Set

Image courtesy of the US Mint

A US Mint Proof Set is a great addition to any collection or a great way to start a coin collection. These proof sets can be purchased directly from the US Mint. There are a number of different collections that range from cheap ($25 American Innovation Coin and quarter sets) to more expensive proof sets in precious metals. Additionally, the US Mint offers subscription sets for different proof coins, so your loved one can receive a new set year after year.

Kennedy Silver Half Dollars

Kennedy Silver Half Dollars were minted in 1964 after President Kennedy’s passing. These coins were both commemorative as well as used in circulation as currency. Kennedy Silver Half Dollars are a great gift option because of their historical value as well as the silver content within each coin.

Coin Album

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Every coin collector needs a place to keep his or her coins. These coin albums can be specific to a certain collection or may just be binders with special pages with transparent pouches. Many coin albums also have bill slots to keep track of any bills that collectors may have. The best part? Coin albums look great and feel luxurious but are very inexpensive!

$2.5 Dollar Indian Head Quarter Eagles

$2.5 Dollar Indian head quarter eagles are some of the most treasured and valuable coins in existence. These pre-1933 gold coins have immense historical value; because of the gold confiscation act, very few of these coins survived to the modern day. These coins are also solid gold, so their value will always remain high. 

Coin Safe

Image courtesy of Amazon

Every coin collector needs a safe place to store their coins. A good coin safe will allow the collector to access his or her coins easily as well as keep the coins safe from would-be thieves. A good solid coin safe is a must-have for anyone with valuable coins, especially gold coins.

$10 Gold Indian Head

Finally, the $10 gold Indian head is one of the rarest coins produced by the US mint. Along with the $2.5 dollar Indian head quarter eagles, these coins were subject to confiscation in the 1930s and decades after. Their value goes beyond simple gold content as historical pieces that carry and embody American history.

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